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The Case of the East Area Rapist AKA The Original Night Stalker

261 Rape

Victim No. 17

Friday, April 15, 1977

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  He is the real life Michael Myers. He looked like the average teen, except for his morose eyes. Yet he is the No. 1 serial offender in history. He was so careful, he is known only by his DNA. The East Area Rapist, as he was known, struck California communities for 10 years— 1976-1986. Toward the end he became a murderer now known as the Original Night Stalker. He has 50 rapes and 12 murders to his record. Then he vanished. He would be about 58 years old now, living what appears a normal life. These are the files on his crimes.


Unexpected Spoke in the Hub

East Area Rapist


To understand the dialog and narrative it is necessary to prefix here that victim lived with her boyfriend. They were both asleep in bed when:

     Victims were awakened by a flashlight beam playing over their faces. A voice now spoke through clenched teeth, in an angry whisper. “Don’t look over this way or I’ll kill you. Roll over on your stomachs. Do you know what a forty-five magnum is? I’ll blow your brains all over the room with it if you don’t do what I tell you.”

     As they complied and rolled over, assailant said: “All I want is your money and nobody will get hurt.” Then he ordered the victim: “Tie up your husband.”

     Assailant directed her eyes to the pair of black shoelaces which had already been placed on the bed while they had been a asleep. Victim tied boyfriend and then returned to a prone position on assailant’s orders and then was tied up by the assailant. He then leaned over her and retied her boyfriend tightly. “Don’t move or I’ll kill you.”

     Assailant left room for about 15 minutes. He then returned and grabbed the victim. “Come with me,” he snarled through clenched teeth. “I can’t find your purse. If you move one inch I’ll cut your throat.”

     Victim and assailant returned in a short time. Assailant then retied boyfriend’s wrists and then tied his ankles with wire cord.

       Assailant took the victim out again, warning the boyfriend: “Don’t move or I’ll kill her.”

       Assailant returned with victim. Assailant placed dishes on boyfriend’s back. “If I hear the dishes, I’ll kill her first.” Then he spoke to victim: “Do what I say or I’ll kill him.”

     Boyfriend was then left alone.

     Victim was taken into the family room. Assailant placed her on the floor and put his penis in her tied hands. He ordered her to “Play with it!” He threatened her by putting the gun to her
Dark corduroy
head and cocking it. He also put a knife to her throat. He threatened her until she called his penis a slang term that he wanted to hear. She did not see his gloves, but she could feel them as he raped her. Also, she felt the gun in his jacket pocket as he raped her.

     Due to the discomfort in his numb fingers, victim’s boyfriend tried to work the bindings loose to relieve some of the pain. The plates fell. Assailant was soon back in the room, but he had returned quietly. He had not rushed in. Boyfriend knew he was there when the barrel of a gun touched his head and he heard it cocked. “You do that again and I’ll kill you,” assailant snarled through his clenched teeth. Assailant then replaced the dishes. 

     In between threats and raping, assailant would go into the kitchen and rummage. He also went and took victim’s license from her purse and took portrait pictures out and set them about.

     Close to 20 minutes passed and the boyfriend accidentally knocked the plates off his back again. Assailant was quickly back by his side. He threw the sheets over his head and warned him angrily: “Don’t move or I’ll kill her.”

     Soon the house was silent. After a while, victim called to her boyfriend. She was able to hobble back and with a knife cut his bindings. They called the sheriffs from the neighbors.


Sheriffs discovered the master bedroom phone and the kitchen  phone lines had been cut. Entrance to the house had apparently been made through a sliding glass back patio door.

     Victim admitted frankly that they kept a half gram of coke in the refrigerator. They also had a pill bottle with two beans in it and a little marijuana. The items in question were missing.

     Victim also recalled that while washing her car one day, wearing shorts and a bikini top, her attention had been drawn to a passing car, a sedan, because the driver slowed to look at her. She thought nothing of it until after the incident.


Victim never saw assailant’s head clearly, but believed he had a mask. However, victim did see a green khaki colored nylon jacket, dark green pants whose hems were tucked into army lace-up boots. She did not see the gloves, but knew he wore them.


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This is a particularly significant attack. There is more information at hand here than with the last rape, which was the first time that EAR struck a couple. As in that case, The EAR referred to the boyfriend as “husband” indicating he had not stalked the house significantly before to identify its occupants.

   The area of Schuyler Drive offers a change in The EAR’s developed routine MO. This area is near Madison and is not near the park, a school,  a canal or open field. It is just streets and cross streets. This underscores the probability that the young man driving the car that slowed and observed the victim washing her car in the driveway was EAR. The victim was apparently enticing enough in a particular type off beauty that EAR broke his stalking pattern to access her. He had not struck without tactical aids since he began with Victim 1, in which he stalked her by car a number of times. At this point in EAR’s prowling career he was advanced enough so that he did not have to return repeatedly with a car. He must have stalked by night and on foot thereafter until confident. It is probable that there was something about this particular victim that attracted EAR, as he passed by in the car. She had not been receiving hang-up calls, and there is no evidence that she had been singled out before.

     Nevertheless, he had not fully determined who was in the house. The EAR brought bindings for one person, the intended victim.  He had to use wire cord to tie the boyfriend’s ankles. His unpreparedness is seen in how he has to take the victim with him each time he leaves the room until he finally has the boyfriend trussed properly.

     What is of particular interest here is that EAR was clearly passing through the Crestview area again when he saw her in her driveway. It is chilling to consider that he had just then been stalking closer to Del Campo Park in an attempt to find another victim and then suddenly this opportunity offered itself.

     I do not have the directions in which the stalking car was headed. If he was headed to the park he came from Madison Avenue. If he was leaving, then he was going to Madison Avenue. This can give us an idea perhaps on where he lived.

     The EAR reverted to his previous ensemble: the “military lace-up boots.” He had used this type on his earlier strikes (they actually could have been biker’s boots) but by this time he had abandoned them in favor of tennis shoes.

     This is the second time he made a mistake about a boyfriend being the “husband.” He also wasn’t stalking his victims as much. Victim 15 would be a last noteworthy example of one he had stalked for a long time (up to 6 months). He was, frankly, becoming bolder and taking advantage during his prowling. His attacks would now become more frequent, for no longer refraining from attacking with a male present he was not restricted to coming back on a specific night in which the female was alone. This would increase his striking tempo. As May would soon prove, his repeated attacks would push Sacramento into a panic.

Files on the EAR/ONS




A Word About Rape

   Notes on Personal Investigation

Logic verses Instinct

The Folklore of “Copycat”




The Summer of ’76

Victim #1
— The Beginning—
Rancho Cordova

Victim #2
—Careful Selection—
Del Dayo

     Victim #3
— Foiled Attack—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #4
— Violent Improvisation—

   Victim #5
— Selected Target—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #6
— Curious Tactics—
 Rancho Cordova

     Victim #7
— Baring Down—
 Del Dayo 

     Victim #8
— Interrupted Arrival—
 Rancho Cordova

Analysis of First 8 Strikes

Victim #9
— Revealing Mistake—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #10
— Fair Oaks—

  Living Dangerously
— The Year of the EAR—

Victim #11
— Cats and Fields—

Victim #12—
 Blind Spot Reveals—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #13
— Unexpected Jogger—

Ripon Court Shooting

 Victim #14
— Over the River . . .
and Through the Woods—

Victim #15
— Tactical Misuse—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #16
— Opportunity Knocks a Clue—

Victim #17
— Unexpected Spoke in the Hub—

Victim #18
— Moving Upwards—
La Riviera

Victim #19
— Presentiment
 Impromptu Danger—

Victim #20
— Blind Spot
 and a
Stop Watch—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #21
— Tactical 1—
Del Dayo

Victim #22
— Tactical 2—
South Sacramento


  After the Lull—
1977’s Autumn of Fear


Victim #23
— Tactical 3—

Victim #24
— Switcharoo—
 La Riviera

Victim #25
— Follow Diablo—
 Foothill Farms

Victim #26
—  Dump Truck Biker—

Victim #27
— Condo Commando—
La Riviera

Victim #28
— Tail of Diablo—
 Foothill Farms

Victim #29/30
— Assault!—

Maggiore Double Murders
— Critical Clue—
 Rancho Cordova

   Yet Another Year— 1978


       Witness in Charcoal

Victim #31
— Distant Roaming—

Victim #31B
— Back to Rancho—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #32
— Little Pocket, Big Clue—
 South Sacramento

Victim #33
— The Deep Dig—

Victim #34
— Co-Ed—

Victim #35
— Back—

Victim #36
— Forth—

Silent Victim
— Lateral—

Victim #37
— Forth North—

A New East—
 Contra Costa Corridor

Victim #38
—  Surreal Schedule—

Victim #39
— Opportunity Kicks—

Victim #40
— Cats and Fields Again—
 San Ramon

Victim #41
— The Way to San Jose—
 San Jose

Victim #42
— Sobbing in San Jose—
 San Jose

Victim #43
— Danville—
 Playing it Close


   No Stopping Him— 1979

Lacing with Ligatures— Thunderbird Place

Victim #43B
— Auld Lange Syne—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #44
— Along the 680—

Victim #45
— Follow the Cats—
 Walnut Creek

Victim #46
— Sticking to Routine—

Victim #47
— Walnut Creek—
 Dig and Retreat

Victim #48
— Shouted Out—

Victim #49
—  The Unsuspected —


—Original Night Stalker—

— Doctor Duo—
 Dec 30, 1979

— Cats & Murder—
 March 13, 1980

Laguna Niguel
— Exclusive—
August 19, 1980

— Home Alone—
 Feb. 6, 1981

— Dig & Retreat Again—
 July 27, 1981

— Epitome of MO—
May 4, 1986


         Phantom Predator—
  Analysis of EAR Crime Spree

       Analysis of EAR Prowling MO

Portrait of Terror

The Lair of an Arch Rapist

     The Mystery of the Silent Dog

Phone Calls


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Night Predator
Files on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

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