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The Case of the East Area Rapist AKA The Original Night Stalker


Intended No. 3-- WFA

Thurs. August 29, 1976

About 3:20 a.m.

Malaga Way

Rancho Cordova

Foiled Attack

East Area Rapist

  He is the real life Michael Myers. He looked like the average teen, except for his morose eyes. Yet he is the No. 1 serial offender in history. He was so careful, he is known only by his DNA. The East Area Rapist, as he was known, struck California communities for 10 years— 1976-1986. Toward the end he became a murderer now known as the Original Night Stalker. He has 50 rapes and 12 murders to his record. Then he vanished. He would be about 58 years old now, living what appears a normal life. These are the files on his crimes.


In the early morning hours of August 29, 1976, 12 year daughter of homeowner was awakened by a soft breeze stirring her wind chimes. She had hung them before her bedroom window. Window was near head of bed. When looking up toward chimes, witness was confronted by the head and upper portions (shoulders) of a masked/hooded figure at her open window. Figure was attempting to pry off the screen. Dark, tight fitting hood only had eye holes, which caused figure’s eyes to stand out.

     Upon noticing her, figure stared straight into her eyes. Yet figure did not immediately move. Slowly, according to witness, figure lowered until out of sight.

     Witness (12 year old daughter of homeowner) rushed to the master bedroom, where herMalaga-artistic-icon mother was sleeping. The father had left for work at 10:30 p.m. August 28 and was not home. Witness awoke mother and told her a man with a mask was at her window trying to get in. Mother bolted with daughter in tow and rushed toward bedroom. Both peered out window into backyard. Neither could see anyone.

     At first mother doubted, wondering rather if her daughter had had a dream. Daughter (witness) insisted it was a man with a mask and that he was trying to pry off the screen. Mother went into living room and peered out back sliding glass door. She could see nobody in the darkened yard. Moon glow cut many alternating shadows and light.

     Mother decided to wake the eldest daughter, 15, in her own bedroom. Daughter (15) was initially uninterested and suggested they call the police. Daughter went back to sleep. 

     Hesitant to do so, mother and witness returned to witness’ bedroom. Upon entering, both saw the masked figure at the window. Both were stunned. Upon seeing them the masked figure turned and disappear toward the back fence.

     With 12 year old daughter, mother rushed to the kitchen and dialed the Operator for the police. However, neither had bothered to close the window.

     While waiting for the other end to pick up, both mother and daughter (formerly referred to as 12 year old witness) heard the chimes and drapery rod crash. Within moments, the hooded figure stood by them.

     Figure was a masked man, wearing brown T-shirt, tight fitting nylon mask with a slit cut for the eyes. There was no opening for the nose or the mouth. Figure was naked from waste on down. Masked intruder wore a type of hiking boots. He wore a wide belt, about 3 or 4 inches, similar to a lineman’s. It was shiny, not dull. He held a small 2 inch barrel revolver in left hand and a club in the right. Both hands were gloved in tight fitting black gloves. Club appeared to be about a foot long and sheathed in leather. Though naked below waist, the masked man was not aroused. Man was lean, about 5 feet 9 inches tall. He was not a large man.

     He commanded with an angry whisper, through clenched teeth: “Freeze, or I’ll kill you! Hang up the phone now!”

     Mother immediately hung up the phone (Operator had not yet picked up).

     Masked intruder demanded: “Who else is in the house?”

     Regrettably the 12 year old daughter replied that only the sister was in the house.

     Masked intruder now came very close to mother. Mother grabbed his gun hand. He began beating her head with the club. She continued to struggle until enough bludgeoning subdued her. The daughter had been screaming, terrified.

     Masked intruder ordered daughter to shut up. Mother, though laying on kitchen floor, was still conscious. He ordered them into the living room and when there ordered them to sit down on the couch. He still spoke in a clenched-teeth, angry whisper.

     Mother pled with him to leave them alone. She cajoled him about his behavior, invoking God and telling him this was not right.

     He pulled a cut towel from the back of his belt. “I only want your money.”

     He grabbed the mother’s arms and yanked them behind her, preparatory to binding them.

     Despite the masked intruder’s assurances he only wanted money, mother struggled and fought back. She broke free and ran for the front door. Intruder pursued and started clubbing her on the head repeatedly. She grabbed the door handle, opened it and bolted outside. Intruder followed. Twelve year old daughter was close behind.

     Mother, screaming for help, ran across the front lawn to the next door neighbor. Masked intruder went across street. Daughter followed mother.

     Having heard the commotion in the house, 15 year old daughter had taken off her screen, got out, hopped the fence, saw her mother and sister run across the lawn, and followed them. Neighbor had heard the ruckus and had just opened the door. All 3 made it inside to safety.

     Neighbor across the street noticed 4 people running from house. One, a man, ran across the street and crouched behind her neighbor’s bushes. The other 3, women, ran into their neighbor’s house, one screaming for help. She reported that the male who ran across the street watched the other 3 enter the house to safety. Then he stood up and walked casually away. It was then that the witness realized he was naked from the waist down.


Sheriff deputies arrived at 3:28 a.m. Mother had fallen into unconsciousness briefly (at neighbor’s) and was now awake again. She was removed to the hospital. Inside victim’s house, deputies discovered blood in the entryway (drops), smears on the wall and on the interior of the front door. A picture frame and its glass was shattered on floor. Blood was on the kitchen floor; phone was ripped out of the wall. The bindings he intended to use were lying about. A towel, described as “off white,” was on the family room floor, both ends tied together to form a circle. It did not belong to the house. A 2 inch x 12 inch swath of towel, torn or cut to this length, was on one of the couch cushions. A black shoelace was on the arm of the chair, another on the floor nearby.

     Examination of the bedroom window through which the intruder had entered showed that the drapery rod was detached on one end, the chimes fallen. The window was wide open, the screen removed.

     In the yard underneath the window, a wooden lawn chair had been placed in order for the intruder to stand thereon to pry the screen.

     A search of the neighborhood uncovered no pair of pants left anywhere. Deputies cruising the neighborhood came across no suspect, fully dressed or otherwise.

     From the description, it is clear that this was the same rapist who had attacked the 23 year old victim nearby and the 15 year old in Del Dayo. The location of this home, despite being on a different street, was only 2 houses away from the first victim’s house on Paseo Drive.

     Interview with the mother confirmed that the attacker was not a very big man. In her estimation was not very strong. She felt that if he had not had the club and gun she could have “taken him.”  Mother was 41 years old. She would require numerous stitches in her scalp. She had many bruises, both on her head, face, arm, and sternum. She would recover.

     In subsequent interviews, the father stated that he began working nights only 2 days before. He wondered whether the attacker knew that his wife and daughters were there without him. They only had one car.

Description of Perpetrator:

In addition to what has already been mentioned, mother described his legs as lean and muscular. There was really no visible leg hair. His pubic hair was dark. She estimated his age between 18 and 20. His legs were slightly tan. He stood with impressive posture, like a cop or military man. Interestingly, during the struggle he didn’t always speak with clenched teeth. His normal voice seemed higher pitched. Nylon mask was not like pantyhose, but nylon material like a ski hood. It was tight fitting, with only an eye slit.



The neighborhood is the same as Victim 1. This home was only 2 yards away from the first victim’s home, though on another street.  


Relationship of the houses of victims No 1 and No. 3. The cul de sac behind them is  Del Rey Court, off Las Casas Way. Perpetrator may have parked on Las Casas Way, moved through Del Rey and into back yards.

Palo Vista-Paseo
Palo Vista-Paseo6

The drought of the Summer of 2014 has telescoped the area of Paseo Drive back to the 1970s. These ranch homes were built in the 1950s. Already in the 1970s the trees were full, the area well established with blue collar workers and retired Air Force personnel.


On Paseo, looking at Malaga Way intersection, dusk June 17, 2015.



House was a single story of a different floor plan than the one previous struck in this neighborhood. The bedrooms are on a front wing of the house. The kitchen is at the base of this wing, where the hallway comes into the living room.


Much is lacking in the information available to us today, such as the assailant’s mode of entry into the yard. Also, there is no mention made by the victims as to when the intruder ripped the phone out of the wall, as investigators noted the phone had been ripped away upon entering the house. With a club in one hand and a gun in the other, it would have proved impossible for him to do so. Moreover, victims did not see the masked intruder proffer the shoelaces and towel/cut towel fragment. Yet investigators found such items in the living room. He pried off the window screen, yet this is impossible with a club and gun. He must have had some form of utility compartment on the belt, where he could have sheathed a knife or screwdriver.

     However, from what we do know several things can be deduced. One, from the implements (shoelaces, towels) and the fact they did not belong to the house, we can deduce that the masked intruder had them tucked into the back of his thick belt behind him. From what he produced, it seems he intended an attack against only one individual. He had not bindings for 3 people. In the Del Dayo strike we know he came fully prepared to bind 2 victims.

     Looming over the mother and daughter on the kitchen floor, he asked: “Who else is in the house?” which indicates a certain lack of knowledge as to who was present.

     There are a number of curious features to this attack. He arrived without pants. The sheriffs canvassed the neighborhood and found none. From the timetable, it is impossible that the assailant returned to the backyard to pick them up. He walked away down the street “butt naked” and dissolved into the shadows before the sheriffs, who were close at hand, could arrive.

     The only logical explanation is that he had parked nearby and left his pants in the car. There are no reports, however, that a car was heard to start up and drive away. The sheriffs reported none. Had he hid a bicycle with his pants folded over the handlebar, dressed and then rode off quietly? Logistically, that seems hard to accept. Who would take such a risk? He could return and his bike was gone and with this his pants. What to do then?

     This reenforced among the sheriffs that it could be a local kid.

     The hairless legs on the assailant are interesting, as that indicates shaving for biking or swimming sports.  

     He was relentless. While prying the screen, he unquestionably saw the youngest daughter (12). He most likely saw both mother and daughter when they returned to the bedroom. He then turned and headed to the fence.

     Nevertheless, he persisted. He came back, got the screen off quickly and bounded in the room, knocking down the drapery rod in the process. It is not this writer’s desire to go into the vagaries of male anatomy, and the length to which certain organs can be pendulous, but how a bare bottom man accomplished this quickly without endangering certain organs is remarkable. The bedroom windows are situated high in the wall, as was the fashion of the time in which this track was built (mid to late 1950s). The chair under the window on the outside of the house testifies to how high the window was. The intruder might have grabbed onto the eaves or gutter overhead and threw both legs in at once in a swinging motion. Otherwise it is difficult to see how he could swing one leg in, straddle the metal running frame of the window frame, placing full weight on a sensitive and bare area, and then with the leg already inside find a sure resting place for that foot in order to bring his body and the other leg through.

     All this was done before the Operator could pick up.

     Various floor plans exist for this track. The bedroom through which the intruder came had to be one of the first in the hallway, closest to the foyer and kitchen, as all plans have the bedrooms on one side of the house, a narrow wing at a right angle to the rest of the house, all off a narrow hallway.

     The choice of the 12 year old daughter’s window as a means of entrance is ponderous, unless he thought the room was empty.

     That the assailant walked casually away bare-bottom suggests that he removed his pants prior to even entering the house’s backyard. The smell of after shave was considered strong. Put together, these become significant clues.


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