A Word About Rape

Notes on Personal Investigation

Logic verses Instinct



The Summer of ’76

Victim #1— Rancho Cordova — The Beginning   

  Victim #2— Del Dayo — Careful Selection

   Victim #3— Foiled Attack— Rancho Cordova

Victim #4— Violent Improvisation— Crestview 

       Victim #5— Selected Target— Citrus Heights

Victim #6— Curious Tactics— Rancho Cordova

     Victim #7— Baring Down— Del Dayo

     Victim #8— Interrupted Arrival— Rancho Cordova

Analysis of First 8 Strikes

Victim #9— Revealing Mistake— Citrus Heights

Victim #10— Fair Oaks— Undaunted

       Living Dangerously— The Year of the EAR

Victim #11— Sacramento— Cats and Fields

Victim #12— Blind Spot Reveals— Citrus Heights

Victim #13— Crestview— Unexpected Jogger

Victim #14— Over the River and Through the Woods—

Victim #15— Tactical Misuse— Rancho Cordova

Victim #16— Orangevale— Opportunity Knocks a Clue

Victim #17— Unexpected Spoke in the Hub— Crestview

Victim #18— La Riviera— Moving Upwards

Victim #19— Orangevale— Presentiment of Impromptu Danger

Victim #20— Blind Spot and a Stop Watch— Citrus Heights

Victim #21— Del Dayo— Tactical 1

Victim #22— South Sacramento— Tactical 2


Summer Clue

  After the Lull— 1977’s Autumn of Fear

Victim #23— Tactical 3— Stockton

Victim #24— Switcharoo— La Riviera

Victim #25— Follow Diablo— Foothill Farms

Victim #26—  Dump Truck Biker— Carmichael

Victim #27— Condo Commando— La Riviera

Victim #28— Tail of Diablo— Foothill Farms

Departmental Memo December 8, 1977


Yet Another Year— 1978

Victim #29/30— Assault!— Carmichael

Maggiore Murders— Critical Clue— Rancho Cordova

Victim #31— Distant Roaming— Stockton

Victim #31B— Back to Rancho— Rancho Cordova

Victim #32— Little Pocket, Big Clue— South Sacramento

Composite— Maggiore Murders Suspect

Victim #33— The Deep Dig— Modesto

Victim #34— Co-Ed— Davis

Victim #35— Back— Modesto

Victim #36— Forth— Davis

Silent Victim— Lateral— Modesto

Victim #37— Forth North— Davis

A New East— Contra Costa Corridor

Victim #38—  Surreal Schedule— Concord

Victim #39— Opportunity Kicks— Concord

Victim #40— Cats and Fields Again— San Ramon

Victim #41— The Way to San Jose— San Jose

Victim #42— Sobbing in San Jose— San Jose

Victim #43— Danville— Playing it Close


No Stopping Him— 1979

No Stopping Him

Lacing with Ligatures— San Ramon

Victim #43B— Auld Lange  Syne— Rancho Cordova

Victim #44— Along the 680— Fremont

Victim #45— Follow the Cats— Walnut Creek

Victim #46— Sticking to Routine— Danville

Victim #47— Walnut Creek— Dig and Retreat

Victim #48— Shouted Out— Danville

Victim #49—  The Unsuspected — Goleta


Murder— Original Night Stalker

Murder— The “Night Stalker”

 Goleta— Doctor Duo— Dec 30, 1979

Ventura— Cats & Murder— March 13, 1980

Laguna Niguel— Exclusive— August 19, 1980

Irvine— Home Alone— Feb. 6, 1981

Goleta— Dig & Retreat Again— July 27, 1981

Irvine— Epitome of MO— May 4, 1986


 Phantom Predator— Analysis of EAR Crime Spree.

Analysis of EAR Prowling MO

EAR Profile

Phone Calls

Parks, Schools, Open Fields & Orchards

Masks— Now you see them, now you don’t

The Mystery of the Silent Dog






December 2, 1977

About 11:45 p.m.

Revelstok Drive

Foothill Farms/Sacramento

Tail of Diablo

East Area Rapist


Intended victim went to bed around 11:30 p.m. Her six-year-old daughter was in bed with her. Husband had left about 11 p.m. to go gambling with his friends. Just before the victim fell asleep she heard a noise at the bedroom door. She thought it must have been the cat.  She soon awoke and there was a man shining a flashlight in her eyes. He ordered her up, but she did not do it. Rather she asked: “Why?”

     He responded: “Get up and come with me or I’ll hurt your little boy.”

     She got up and noticed he had shoelaces in his left hand. Victim did not see any gun or knife.

     Intruder ordered her to walk down the hall. When they got in the living room he ordered her to get on her knees. He spoke in an angry, clenched whisper. After she knelt down, assailant tied victim’s hands behind her back very tightly. He ordered her to lie down on her stomach and then slid off her underwear. He stood over her for awhile and said nothing.  Then he tied her ankles together tightly. Victim admitted she was sobbing and in response to this the intruder told her to be quiet or he would gag her. She assuaged the intruder by saying that if she was gagged she would not be able to tell her daughter to go back to bed if she got up.

     The intruder, though always sounding angry, was also apparently distracted. There was a bunch of kids playing on the street outside making a lot of noise. Victim believed this was making him nervous. She noticed that he kept going to the living room window to look out the drapes. On one occasion he said “You think you’re smarter, but I’m smarter than you are.” Victim considered the intruder to be very angry when he said that. The exact meaning is unknown

     According to victim, the intruder stood over her a number of times after coming back from the window. However, he never assaulted her. He wandered throughout the house and left quietly. The victim was not sure when he actually left the house.

     However, victim soon heard a van start on the side of the house and drive away. Victim asserted she could tell it was a van. She then struggled, got to the phone, knocked the receiver off the cradle, and called her neighbor.


Investigators found that the only door that was unlocked was the sliding glass door to the patio. Victim was certain it had been locked. Nevertheless, she admitted that a spare key to the front door had been under the mat. It had disappeared a couple of weeks before. She felt that her young son had misplaced it. The past three weeks the victim had been receiving hang-up calls every day after 2 p.m. The caller would always hang up. She thought it was girls calling for her son. However, this happened even with her son answer the phone twice.

     On October 27 the home had been burglarized. Only two photographs of the victim had been stolen from an album. These were photographs of her taken 6 years before. During this time the burglar had turned off the thermostat.

     Canvas of the neighborhood revealed the typical EAR pre-attack stalking and prowling had been occurring. On the prior Thursday night 2 women who live near the victim said that someone had turned off their electricity. In the previous May, the same two
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women had lived on Brett Avenue nearby. After the East Area Rapist reports hit the news that month, the month in which Sacramento went into panic, one of them received an harassing phone call. The caller whispered 3 times “You are next.”

     Another neighbor saw a male about 25 years old walking from the Woodridge School area. The subject stopped and watched her while she worked in her yard for awhile. She was frightened and went into her house.

     Investigators talked to the kids who were playing outside that night, but they had not heard or seen anything.

     Canvas of the neighborhood also revealed an unexplained beige station wagon had been parked along Revelstok. On one occasion it was parked between the victim’s house and the neighbor’s house. The neighbor went and looked at the plate but could not remember it when asked by sheriffs. At midnight the night of the attack, a 16 year old neighbor down the street saw the station wagon parked across from his house. He noticed it because it was not covered in mist like the other cars that had been parked there for hours. He had never seen it before. 


Victim could not describe the intruder clearly beyond saying that he wore dark clothing and that it did not seem to be very heavy clothes— just a light jacket or windbreaker. He was also wearing gloves.

     Intruder use black shoelaces to tie her up. She was tied so tightly that the neighbor had to cut the shoelaces with scissors.

     Intruder did not cut the phone line.


The geography of the attack shows that EAR was not that familiar with the area of Foothill Farms. Rather he had stuck to prowling Diablo Drive, off where he had struck No 25.  In essence, he had struck at the two opposite ends of Diablo Drive.




The house was a single story, detached middle class home.


If the threatening phone calls of the May before were truly from The EAR then it is evident that EAR had staked this neighborhood out already before he vanished for the Summer of ’77.

     There should be no doubt that EAR was the perpetrator that night. The assailant wasn’t dressed heavy— a clear sign of The EAR— despite the damp and cold December night. Also he didn’t cut the phone line. When EAR had parked next to a victim’s residence on the night of the attack, he consistently didn’t cut the phone line. He knew he would be quickly away and there was little need to delay that victim from calling the police. The hang-up phone calls are also a signature of EAR. Aside from his actions in the house, these clues underscore that the perp was in this case the notorious East Area Rapist.

     The extent to which he staked out the neighborhood in general and the victim in particular is underscored by the burglary which the victim’s household had suffered in late October. In fact, it was on October 27, two days before he struck No. 26 in a strange early morning attack at the Whitney and Mission area. On October 26, a witness on Whitney had seen a strange young man walk past and then disappear 3 doors down. All the circumstantial evidence points to this having been EAR. Thus the very day after he was prowling Whitney in hunt for future Victim 26, he entered the residence and robbed future Victim 28 on Revelstok.

     EAR was obviously a compulsive prowler and hunter.

     . . .And he was a prowler who could handle the cold. The witness on Whitney saw a stranger who did not dress heavily despite the brisk weather. EAR was lightly dressed here at Revelstok and even had turned off the thermostat back on October 27 when he robbed the house. Why bother? It lets us know that a very unusual prowler had been in the house, one that basically only took the future victim’s photos. Certainly this was EAR. On another occasion (Victim 16) the East Area Rapist had unplugged an electric heater, another strange calling card preceding an attack.

     A blind spot is next to the house in this case. The fact that the assailant parked there underscores this was EAR. His MO was to park in a blind spot. The fact that the East Area Rapist did not cut the phone line is consistent with his MO when he parked by a victim’s house.

     Altogether this follows his pattern of stalking an intended victim from a distance, then on the night of the attack coming in close.

     It should not be considered unusual that EAR did not rape the victim. He did not like the unexpected. He had not raped No. 8. Nor did he rape No. 9 after getting confused. The children disturbed him here and, as far as I feel, children playing in the street did more than disturb. They completely upstaged him. EAR needed a certain mood, a certain ambiance in order to inflict his terror. Jubilant kids playing outside was not exactly mood inducing for the atmosphere of terror that he wanted.

     Rape really wasn’t his ultimate gig anyway. It was only one aspect of his terror campaign.