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The Case of the East Area Rapist AKA The Original Night Stalker

261 Rape

Victim 12— 25 year old WFA

Monday, January 24, 1977

Between 1 and 3 a.m.


Citrus Heights

Blind Spot Reveals

East Area Rapist

  He is the real life Michael Myers. He looked like the average teen, except for his morose eyes. Yet he is the No. 1 serial offender in history. He was so careful, he is known only by his DNA. The East Area Rapist, as he was known, struck California communities for 10 years— 1976-1986. Toward the end he became a murderer now known as the Original Night Stalker. He has 50 rapes and 12 murders to his record. Then he vanished. He would be about 58 years old now, living what appears a normal life. These are the files on his crimes.


It was the middle of the night. Victim was home alone. She was sound asleep. She was awakened by assailant grabbing her shoulders and yanking her arms behind her. He growled in her ear what he’d do if she resisted. He was hissing through clenched teeth. He bound her tightly, then blindfolded her. He rummaged and ransacked through the house, building a sense of mounting terror in her. He returned to her bedroom and raped her. Between his ransacking the house, he would return and check on her. During these moments he would speak in obscene ways and then tell her to “Shut up!” He threatened to jam an ice pick in her neck numerous times. He used her name several times, but she didn’t believe that he knew her at all. He returned again. While lubricating himself, he demanded she guess what he was doing. When she’d try to speak he would snarl “Shut up!”  He raped her again. In all, he spent about an hour and a half in the house, subjecting her to more terror than rape.   

     As in other cases, the assailant partook of the victim’s food in between his ransacking. He also drank 2 cans of beer before leaving, and left the empty cans behind.

   After assailant left, victim was able to get to the phone and call the sheriffs.


Sheriffs discovered the two empty beer cans and noted that the assailant ate the victim’s food, leaving a block of cheese on the bar counter by the kitchen with his tooth marks in it. Several tennis shoe prints were found in the neighbors’ yards. (Richard Shelby, one of the detectives, said they were waffle stomper prints and found in the neighbor’s yard but not in the victim’s yard.)  Victim’s side gate had been left open. Both the sliding glass back door and garage door had been pried.

     Victim expressed her feeling that the assailant was not that interested in sex much at all. Rather he was more interested in terror. Assailant always sounded angry, threatening, and speaking through clenched teeth. He lifted her gown only once, to briefly expose her breasts. Either than that he showed little interest in her body.

     Atypical of previous EAR strikes, phone line had not been cut.

     A blood hound followed assailant’s trail two blocks from the victim’s house, where apparently EAR had parked (on Guenivere Way).


Victim did not get a good view of the attacker, but noted he had a small penis, narrow and about 3 or 4 inches long. Victim had noticed that the assailant had reeked of BO.    Victim estimated he was 30 to 40 years old.


The EAR had not struck in this neighborhood before. Larchmont lies northwest of Madison and Sunrise. Several features, however, are common to EAR strike areas. For instance, the school, the blind area where he parked, cul de sacs, and, back then much on the other side of Primrose was open field. See pictures.



The house was a single story, detached middleclass home like the others in previous attacks.


The photo essay above highlights repeatedly the area of the blind spots on Primrose Avenue.  A sheriff canvas of the elementary school revealed that EAR was most likely the young man who had parked at the corner of Kingswood and Primrose in front of the school. This young man had parked there several days in a row before the attack. Children passing on their way to class paid little attention to him, since many people park here on Primrose.

   Not only would parking in a blind spot become a signature of the EAR, it begins here most clearly. This is significant, for this is right after the attack in La Riviera where there were no shortages of witnesses beforehand who reported a man prowling. That is not the case here. Rather EAR’s stalking and prowling seems more sophisticated or, at least, any crudeness in it was shielded by the fact a busy school was nearby and he simply did not stand out during the day.

     Kingswood and Primrose are a couple of blocks from the house he struck. Therefore he was maintaining his MO to prowl from afar but on the night of the attack come in close, park in a blind spot, and move in. In this case, he seems to have parked on Guenivere Way on the night of the attack.

     Interestingly, this is the second time that an older age is accorded to the EAR. One of the neighbors in the La Riviera area thought that the man prowling her side yard was about 35 years old.

   The lack of cutting the phone line is unusual, though not the first time. Previously, this had been a tactical move, delaying the victim from calling the police should she get free quickly. Although the rapist parked only 2 blocks away, the lack of cutting the line is still not explainable except perhaps as growing confidence or “victory disease.” Perhaps, too, he did not have the means. He used an ice pick to threaten the victim, not a knife. He could, of course, have taken a knife from the kitchen or even just ripped the phone out, but he didn’t.

   How to interpret the BO? Had he been working on a job all day in the area and hung around to do his raping? Was he indeed in construction? Perhaps this explains his use of an ice pick rather than a knife or gun. He could not be carrying such weapons of death around with him if just on a job. Too risky. This will become significant, for the ice pick will turn up in future rapes.

     Being in the area for work supports the assertion that the shoe prints found in the neighbor’s yard were probably waffle stompers and not tennis shoes. Did this indicate that EAR worked in a job where such high top hiking-type books were necessary?


Files on the EAR/ONS




A Word About Rape

   Notes on Personal Investigation

Logic verses Instinct

The Folklore of “Copycat”




The Summer of ’76

Victim #1
— The Beginning—
Rancho Cordova

Victim #2
—Careful Selection—
Del Dayo

     Victim #3
— Foiled Attack—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #4
— Violent Improvisation—

   Victim #5
— Selected Target—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #6
— Curious Tactics—
 Rancho Cordova

     Victim #7
— Baring Down—
 Del Dayo 

     Victim #8
— Interrupted Arrival—
 Rancho Cordova

Analysis of First 8 Strikes

Victim #9
— Revealing Mistake—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #10
— Fair Oaks—

  Living Dangerously
— The Year of the EAR—

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— Cats and Fields—

Victim #12—
 Blind Spot Reveals—
 Citrus Heights

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— Unexpected Jogger—

Ripon Court Shooting

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— Over the River . . .
and Through the Woods—

Victim #15
— Tactical Misuse—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #16
— Opportunity Knocks a Clue—

Victim #17
— Unexpected Spoke in the Hub—

Victim #18
— Moving Upwards—
La Riviera

Victim #19
— Presentiment
 Impromptu Danger—

Victim #20
— Blind Spot
 and a
Stop Watch—
 Citrus Heights

Victim #21
— Tactical 1—
Del Dayo

Victim #22
— Tactical 2—
South Sacramento


  After the Lull—
1977’s Autumn of Fear


Victim #23
— Tactical 3—

Victim #24
— Switcharoo—
 La Riviera

Victim #25
— Follow Diablo—
 Foothill Farms

Victim #26
—  Dump Truck Biker—

Victim #27
— Condo Commando—
La Riviera

Victim #28
— Tail of Diablo—
 Foothill Farms

Victim #29/30
— Assault!—

Maggiore Double Murders
— Critical Clue—
 Rancho Cordova

   Yet Another Year— 1978


       Witness in Charcoal

Victim #31
— Distant Roaming—

Victim #31B
— Back to Rancho—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #32
— Little Pocket, Big Clue—
 South Sacramento

Victim #33
— The Deep Dig—

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— Co-Ed—

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— Back—

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— Forth—

Silent Victim
— Lateral—

Victim #37
— Forth North—

A New East—
 Contra Costa Corridor

Victim #38
—  Surreal Schedule—

Victim #39
— Opportunity Kicks—

Victim #40
— Cats and Fields Again—
 San Ramon

Victim #41
— The Way to San Jose—
 San Jose

Victim #42
— Sobbing in San Jose—
 San Jose

Victim #43
— Danville—
 Playing it Close


   No Stopping Him— 1979

Lacing with Ligatures— Thunderbird Place

Victim #43B
— Auld Lange Syne—
 Rancho Cordova

Victim #44
— Along the 680—

Victim #45
— Follow the Cats—
 Walnut Creek

Victim #46
— Sticking to Routine—

Victim #47
— Walnut Creek—
 Dig and Retreat

Victim #48
— Shouted Out—

Victim #49
—  The Unsuspected —


—Original Night Stalker—

— Doctor Duo—
 Dec 30, 1979

— Cats & Murder—
 March 13, 1980

Laguna Niguel
— Exclusive—
August 19, 1980

— Home Alone—
 Feb. 6, 1981

— Dig & Retreat Again—
 July 27, 1981

— Epitome of MO—
May 4, 1986


         Phantom Predator—
  Analysis of EAR Crime Spree

       Analysis of EAR Prowling MO

Portrait of Terror

The Lair of an Arch Rapist

     The Mystery of the Silent Dog

Phone Calls


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Night Predator
Files on the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker

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