A Word About Rape

Notes on Personal Investigation

Logic verses Instinct



The Summer of ’76

Victim #1— Rancho Cordova — The Beginning   

  Victim #2— Del Dayo — Careful Selection

   Victim #3— Foiled Attack— Rancho Cordova

Victim #4— Violent Improvisation— Crestview 

       Victim #5— Selected Target— Citrus Heights

Victim #6— Curious Tactics— Rancho Cordova

     Victim #7— Baring Down— Del Dayo

     Victim #8— Interrupted Arrival— Rancho Cordova

Analysis of First 8 Strikes

Victim #9— Revealing Mistake— Citrus Heights

Victim #10— Fair Oaks— Undaunted

       Living Dangerously— The Year of the EAR

Victim #11— Sacramento— Cats and Fields

Victim #12— Blind Spot Reveals— Citrus Heights

Victim #13— Crestview— Unexpected Jogger

Victim #14— Over the River and Through the Woods—

Victim #15— Tactical Misuse— Rancho Cordova

Victim #16— Orangevale— Opportunity Knocks a Clue

Victim #17— Unexpected Spoke in the Hub— Crestview

Victim #18— La Riviera— Moving Upwards

Victim #19— Orangevale— Presentiment of Impromptu Danger

Victim #20— Blind Spot and a Stop Watch— Citrus Heights

Victim #21— Del Dayo— Tactical 1

Victim #22— South Sacramento— Tactical 2


Summer Clue

  After the Lull— 1977’s Autumn of Fear

Victim #23— Tactical 3— Stockton

Victim #24— Switcharoo— La Riviera

Victim #25— Follow Diablo— Foothill Farms

Victim #26—  Dump Truck Biker— Carmichael

Victim #27— Condo Commando— La Riviera

Victim #28— Tail of Diablo— Foothill Farms

Departmental Memo December 8, 1977


Yet Another Year— 1978

Victim #29/30— Assault!— Carmichael

Maggiore Murders— Critical Clue— Rancho Cordova

Victim #31— Distant Roaming— Stockton

Victim #31B— Back to Rancho— Rancho Cordova

Victim #32— Little Pocket, Big Clue— South Sacramento

Composite— Maggiore Murders Suspect

Victim #33— The Deep Dig— Modesto

Victim #34— Co-Ed— Davis

Victim #35— Back— Modesto

Victim #36— Forth— Davis

Silent Victim— Lateral— Modesto

Victim #37— Forth North— Davis

A New East— Contra Costa Corridor

Victim #38—  Surreal Schedule— Concord

Victim #39— Opportunity Kicks— Concord

Victim #40— Cats and Fields Again— San Ramon

Victim #41— The Way to San Jose— San Jose

Victim #42— Sobbing in San Jose— San Jose

Victim #43— Danville— Playing it Close


No Stopping Him— 1979

No Stopping Him

Lacing with Ligatures— San Ramon

Victim #43B— Auld Lange  Syne— Rancho Cordova

Victim #44— Along the 680— Fremont

Victim #45— Follow the Cats— Walnut Creek

Victim #46— Sticking to Routine— Danville

Victim #47— Walnut Creek— Dig and Retreat

Victim #48— Shouted Out— Danville

Victim #49—  The Unsuspected — Goleta


Murder— Original Night Stalker

Murder— The “Night Stalker”

 Goleta— Doctor Duo— Dec 30, 1979

Ventura— Cats & Murder— March 13, 1980

Laguna Niguel— Exclusive— August 19, 1980

Irvine— Home Alone— Feb. 6, 1981

Goleta— Dig & Retreat Again— July 27, 1981

Irvine— Epitome of MO— May 4, 1986


 Phantom Predator— Analysis of EAR Crime Spree.

Analysis of EAR Prowling MO

EAR Profile

Phone Calls

Parks, Schools, Open Fields & Orchards

Masks— Now you see them, now you don’t

The Mystery of the Silent Dog




261 Rape


April 14, 1978

About 9:30 p.m.

Casilada Way


Little Pocket, Big Clue

East Area Rapist


The wife of ------ owner of ---- Casilada Way called up victim on the evening at April 14, 1978, and asked her short notice if she could baby sit their young daughter that night. They (the parents) were going out for dinner and the other daughters went to their friends’ houses. Victim accepted.

   Victim arrived at the home at 9 p.m. She was soon left alone with her little 8-year-old charge, the family’s youngest daughter.

     About 9:30 p.m. a series of the neighbors’ dogs began to bark. At 9:30 p.m. victim put the 8-year-old daughter to bed. Victim tucked her in and returned to the family room, which was the former garage now converted into a family room. She started watching the movie The Two Five.

     Suddenly 2 huge bangs hit the side door to the backyard (the former garage side door). Victim turn to the door. In an instant, the door crashed in. A masked man lunged toward her, a gun was in his gloved right hand. He wore a blue plaid flannel shirt and dark blueDSC05093-icon windbreaker.

     “Don’t move or I’ll kill you! Don’t talk or say anything.” He spoke angrily through clenched teeth. “Lie on the floor on your stomach and put your hands behind your back.”

     Assailant now threw a baby blanket on her head. The victim told him that the family’s little girl was in another room sleeping and with dogs barking she might awake. She asked if she could get the dog.

     The intruder said “No” and instead held her arms and tied her wrists tightly. “Don’t move or I’ll stab you with my ice pick.”

     Victim asked intruder what he was doing, what he wanted, and if he was going to hurt her.

     “I’m not going to hurt you,” the assailant replied. “I’m just going to take money and I’ll leave. Just don’t talk or move.”

     Assailant then left the room and went into the adjoining dining nook and kitchen. She could hear him rummage, open and close drawers and cabinets. He then returned and lifted her off the floor. He tied a blanket around her head. Now blindfolded, she was led to another room. There he ordered her to lay on her stomach and he retied her feet. He left again and began to rummage about the house. She heard him rummaging about in the change in her purse. He returned next to her. He squatted down and said “Don’t move. Be quiet.” He put the gun barrel to her head. He now turned her over onto her back. He untied her ankles and unzipped her pants.

     “What are you doing?” she cried.

     “Be quiet or I’ll kill you.”

     Assailant pulled her pants and underwear off. Then he lifted her blouse. “Keep quiet.” He pushed her legs apart. “Relax or I’ll kill you,” he growled. “I’ve wanted to raped you for a long time ---- [name].”

     He started to raped her when the phone rang . . .and continued to ring. This upset him and he got up and left after the phone stopped ringing. He returned. She felt lotion being rubbed on her. He removed her socks slowly.

     “Relax, don’t scream or yell or I’ll kill you.”

     The phone rang again. Frustrated, he picked her up to her feet and pushed her to the phone. Then, standing over her, he ordered her to say hello. He picked up the receiver and placed it to her mouth.  She mumbled “hello” and then he hung up the phone.

     He now ordered that she “touch it” and placed his penis in her hands. The phone rang again. Angry, he walked her outside on the patio and again he attempted to rape her.

     Then a car’s headlights swept up in front of the house. Victim did not hear the assailant leave, but she could hear her father calling out front. She called back.


Because it was obvious that EAR was in the immediate vicinity, a K-9 unit was dispatched and so was a helicopter.

     Despite the rape, the 15 year old victim remained a virgin. The EAR was not fully aroused and too small.      

     Investigation uncovered a valuable clue. At 10:15 p.m., a lady fishing on the Sacramento River (along with her husband and nephew) at Minnow Hole was walking on the levee returning to her car. She was startled by a white male approximately 25 years old, 5 foot 8 inches tall, medium build, mustache and brown hair. He was running along the levee and asked her: “Did you catch any fish?” She replied” No, I didn’t get any.” Strangely, this jogger replied: “Oh my wife is going to be mad” as he continued to run off to the
Olive corduroy
black leather driving gloves
blue plaid flannel
ice pick
New Balance 1970s
apartments on Riverside Boulevard. According to witness, the man did not appear to be a jogger. He was out-of-breath and was not dressed properly to be a jogger.

   Investigation uncovered that the 14-year-old daughter of the Casilada Way homeowner had heard something while watching TV on April 11, 1978. The girl alerted her mother, who looked outside and saw a man standing on the patio.

   Several blocks away on Rio Lane, on April 13, 1978, at 11 p.m.,  a homeowner heard something at their side window. It was a scratching noise. It started their dog barking. A couple of side gates had also been found left open along Rio Lane over the last 2 weeks.


Assailant wore gloves, blue plaid flannel shirt, and dark blue windbreaker. Face was covered with a dark mask; however the victim did not recall what type of mask specifically— i.e. eye holes, mouth hole, etc.


The geography of Little Pocket, as it is known, fits the East Area Rapist’s pattern perfectly. It is a very closed-in community with only a few distantly placed main roads in and out, and the levee and Sacramento River on 3 sides.



The house is a single story, detached middle class home.


The Casilada Way attack reveals much. The area has great similarities in some ways of the area of EAR’s attack on No 24, in which he seemed to have used a POC in order to stalk the  neighborhood of the victim. Simply park on the other side of the highway, cross the POC, and none are the wiser about where you came from. He is simply a biker about DSC03958-iconthe neighborhood.

     But Casilada Way reveals another clue. In previous attacks where EAR struck an impromptu victim (No 4, No 8), he took the victim’s car and parked it far away (at least a mile), which tells us in those cases that he had stalked a community from quite a distance. The same seems to ring true here. He had not parked close by Casilada Way. The lady on the levee near Minnow Hole seems truly to have seen him. This creates a problem. Minnow Hole is hell and gone from Piedmont and Casilada Way. It is a fishing spot on the Sacramento River just across from Oak Hall Bend, south of Little Pocket by some distance (about half a mile). If the “witness encounter” was with EAR then he had parked much further away to the south on Riverside Blvd by the apartments and apparently walked the levee, crossed a backyard, then Piedmont and then into backyards on Casilada Way. This is an unnecessarily long distance if he was intending to attack a victim.

     Therefore one must ask: was EAR merely prowling and he took advantage of an impromptu victim or was he intending to attack? If it is the latter, it opens up a can of clues. For you see, if he was only prowling he may have parked on Riverside Blvd by the apartments— he had done that at other locations— and then drove off afterward; if he was intending to attack, he didn’t have a car that night and he might have been staying around the Greenhaven area.

     Undeniably, EAR had done this before. In the case of Victim 11, he took her car and drove it to the apartments on Great Falls Way. This was quite a distance fromMinnow Hole-icon Mediterranean and La Riviera where he had struck the victim. The only logical conclusion is that he parked his car around the apartments and walked quite a distance, even a dangerous distance, to attack his chosen victim. Or he was staying in a home nearby for a while and had no car.

     If he was only prowling this night, he certainly came prepared with mask and weapon.

     We know the particular victim this night could not have been the intended victim since she had just been called to come over and baby sit. But we do not know if he intended to strike the family’s 14 year old daughter. Thus the question remains unanswered. Was he prowling and had a car parked half a mile away or was he limited to foot this night and staying in Greenhaven?

     Whichever, his actions this night were at odds with his established MO. In all his more recent attacks, now that he had such confidence, victory disease if you like, he parked close by on the night of the attack; in the case of No 28, right by the house. In Stockton, he always seemed to park close by. Clearly he didn’t know Stockton well at all. EAR knew Rancho Cordova, Crestview, and perhaps the Greenhaven/Little Pocket area. If the Minnow Hole person of interest is him, then this is the furthest he ever prowled since Crestview and No 4.

     It may be Little Pocket’s unique geography. Riverside Blvd is really the only way in or out, north or south, or where it intersects with Seamus. . . except for the POC. He may have felt safer parking just outside of it by the apartments on Riverside.

     “Running toward the apartments” on Riverside Blvd is a bit nebulous to me, but I suppose that meant going south in that direction. The levee is so tall here that no one can scale down in the dark to the street to the 2 (then) apartment complexes along Riverside Blvd and the much larger one at the bend in Riverside Blvd. They must jog to the end, where the levee lane descends in a U curve to the street or goes straight and descends into a park.

     Although I cannot answer if the Minnow Hole person of interest was truly EAR, I can say that apartments fit in his MO. He would park by apartment complexes, so that his car and he himself would never be noticed. The car would simply fit in with so many others.

     The Minnow Hole person of interest could be him. But it is hard to understand why it would be him. Why didn’t he have a car? Was he renting nearby or staying in a home near the area? All I can say is that the faux jogger seen at Minnow Hole was out-of-place.

   But the most disturbing thing that the witness report of the faux jogger gives us is that it is so suggestive of the description of one of those 2 men seen on La Gloria Way just before the Maggiore Murders. I prefer to think that the man with short hair had the mustache, due to all the mix up of descriptions. It is true, however, that most like to put the mustache on the young 5 foot 8 inch guy with the slash pockets and gun in the trousers. This is, in fact, the description here by the witness of the faux jogger.

     It still doesn’t tell us that EAR was the Maggiore Murderer, but it seems to point the finger to EAR being one of the 2 men on La Gloria that night of February 2, 1978. There is no real statement that the 2 men were together, that I know of.  However, the man who jumped the fence, apparently, also wanted to get back to Capitales and the apartments there.    

Minnow Hole-icon

     The mystery of the Minnow Hole person of interest is not a small one. The faux jogger made a lame attempt to look nonchalant. The levee area is a short distance. No jogger would be out of breath unless he came from a far, and there is little reason for a jogger on Riverside Blvd to suddenly mount the levee and jog for a couple of hundred yards. It seems more reasonable that only EAR, after having fled on the levee behind Little Pocket, would continue on the short “Delta Walk.”

     Adding to the potential of the Minnow Hole mystery is that the events prior to the attack on Casilada Way do not indicate The EAR was driving the community.

     Larry Crompton (Sudden Terror) reports that a 1960 blue/black vinyl top Cad was seen parked in front the of the residence about 9:15 p.m. When a car drove past, it drove off. Well, older cars were associated with EAR, this is true, but how can this report be reconciled with the Minnow Hole person of interest? The attack occurred a little after 9:30 p.m. EAR had fled before 10 p.m. The mysterious Minnow Hole jogger is encountered around 10:15 p.m. He is out of breath and makes a point of feigning a reason why he is running the way he looks:
   “Did you catch anything?” he asks the witness.
   “Oh, my wife’s gunna be mad.”

     Pointless except to make it look as if there is a reason he is late somewhere.

     By this time, of course, the police were going absolutely ape. They had a K-9 unit and a chopper on the way.

     How can these 2 reports be reconciled? In the amount of time that the Cad was seen at 9:15 p.m., EAR could not have driven to the apartments on Riverside and then walked back to Casilada Way in 15 minutes. Either the car was just a coincidence or the Minnow Hole person of interest is a crude coincidence.  

     Despite the distance of Minnow Hole, I cannot shake that on 3 previous occasions EAR attacked from a distance— No 4, 8, 11. In each case there was no indication he could have used a car. In each case there were no reports of strange cars stalking on the street. In one case, he definitely had driven the car back to apartments.    

Zacharias Park-icon
DSC06841-icon DSC06844-icon
DSC06849-2-icon DSC06853-icon

     It would seem foolish to propose that EAR was stupid enough to stalk from apartments where he rented and then drive the victim’s car back to the complex, as he did with Attack No 11, and think he’d remain obscure in his apartment. But could he have been staying at a friend’s house nearby and walked several blocks from the apartment complex on Great Falls Way to the house, there to feel secure he could not be traced?

     The same must be asked here. Could EAR have been staying in Greenhaven off the Zacharias Park somewhere for a brief period and this explains why Little Pocket was an isolated attack and why he may merely have jogged back to his lair? Little Pocket, we must also remember, is quite different from Sandbar Circle where EAR had parked within the tight community, risking being cut off if police arrived and sealed off the only way in or out. It was a small community and EAR could get out quickly after the rape if something went wrong. But here Little Pocket is a much bigger place and police could arrive more quickly and seal off Riverside Blvd. at the narrow valves of entrance to the community. A driver is therewith locked within the community. But skulking along the levee to a parked car or lair just outside the narrow valve to the south would be much wiser.

     Things to consider.

     EAR never returned here. And he doesn’t seem to have used a car. . . if he was The Minnow Hole person of interest.